Are globalists FAKING a global Ebola pandemic to demand mandatory vaccines for everyone?

We’ve all seen this scenario before: The mainstream media drums up fear over an alleged disease pandemic for the purpose of scaring the public into accepting some new vaccine as the “cure.” Well, it’s back again, this time with the ebola virus, which the powers that be are once again trying to use as a vehicle to push universal mandatory vaccination.

As part of the ruse, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Emergency Committee recently issued a statement of “deep concern” over what it claims is an increase in the number of ebola transmissions occurring throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the agency, ebola is now on the verge of spreading “to neighboring countries,” having supposedly already caused as many as 800 deaths in the Congo just since August – the implication being that something needs to be done immediately to address the threat.

To ratchet up the fear-mongering even more, the WHO further claimed that there were 100 reported new cases of ebola just in the week leading up to its announcement – of course echoing back to the so-called ebola “pandemic” that ravaged much of West Africa between the years of 2013-2016. And it just so happens that this time around, there’s an experimental vaccine waiting in the wings that health authorities claim is up to 97 percent effective against ebola.

According to The Truth and Liberty Blog, the Bayer Corporation, which now owns Monsanto, partnered up with Merck & Co. to develop this experimental ebola vaccine which, though it remains unlicensed at the current time, is being pushed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) for expedited approval by the WHO. And it would appear that, with just the right amount of media propaganda, this will be easily achieved in the name of “protecting public health.”

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CDC actually owns patent on GMO ebola virus strain – is that what’s spreading throughout Africa?

Another interesting little tidbit about this latest ebola “outbreak” is that it just so happens to mesh with a patent owned by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on a strain of ebola virus known as EboBun – which more than likely was genetically-engineered (GMO) as a bioweapon for the purpose of catalyzing the events necessary to bring ebola vaccines to market.

It is being reported that the CDC’s patent on EboBun applies not just to the current known strain, but also to all future ones that share at least 70 percent of its genetics.

“A look at the patent itself reveals that it has a list of inventors,” writes Scott A. Keisler for The Truth and Liberty Blog. “Does EboBun’s ‘invention’ imply that it has been genetically modified by scientists or even that Ebola itself is a man-made bio-weapon as many have long suspected?” he asks.

Either way, it’s only a matter of time before Big Pharma, public health authorities, and the mainstream media achieve their perfect storm outbreak scenario, to which they can then unveil their “solution” in the form of a vaccine injection that they will then deceive the public into thinking is the “miracle cure” that the world has been waiting for.

In Keisler’s view, the conspiracy could run even deeper, with the WHO unveiling an ebola vaccine that appears to work with minimal or no side effects – to which health authorities will then proclaim: See? Vaccines really are safe and effective!

“Big Pharma and the fake news media would then pontificate endlessly about the safeness and wonder of vaccines and lament tirelessly over the ignorance and general maliciousness of tin-foil-hat-wearing anti-vaccination knuckle-draggers,” Keisler writes.

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